Living Craving Free

How can I become craving free?

Craving Free = Weight Loss

I have a passion for supporting and educating others towards a way of eating that is craving free. 

Have you tried every possible diet out there, lost weight, and while doing so you were hungry all of the time and had the physical pain of constant cravings? I bet you could hold on long enough to lose some weight, maybe keep it off for a day, a week, maybe a month only to eventually gain it back. Diets fail because the cravings are never dealt with.  Sure you can stick to a diet for a certain amount of time, but how long can you deny the foods that you crave which lead to excess weight and sometimes depression and anxiety.   Did you have to chew tons of gum, drink diet soda and/or coffee, maybe even smoke so you could avoid the magnetic attraction to food?

When we no longer crave sugar and processed foods, we break the addiction and it becomes much easier to make healthy food choices that support your weight loss and health goals.  Craving free living easily allows you to enjoy foods and eating that support your weight loss and health goals.  When we cut out sugar and processed foods our taste buds change and we begin to feel satisfied from nutritionally dense foods. Eating healthy whole foods in certain proportions will allow you to look and feel better than ever.  Not only will you see a difference on the scale, you will see a difference in your well-being, energy and skin as you begin to reverse the aging process.  There are no pills, no processed foods, no mandatory exercise (although exercise is important for everyone) you will just be eating healthy wholesome delicious foods in a healthy, proportioned way.  Sounds too good to be true?  I welcome you to find out for yourself.  I have been living craving free for over 11 years and it was the best decision I ever made.  

The following is a list of foods you will be able to eat and enjoy:

Protein: beef, chicken, fish, beans, eggs, lamb, hotdogs, pork, shellfish, veal, venison, liver, nutrional yeast, tofu, tempeh, etc.

Dairy: yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk, buttermilk, ricotta cheese, soy milk, etc.

Starchy vegetables: white or sweet potato, yams, winter squash, beans, kasha, yuca, peas, corn, parsnips, etc.

Grains: millet, brown rice, black rice, teff, quinoa, amaranth, grits, barley, buckwheat, etc.

Fruit: all fresh fruit

Vegetables: all non-starchy vegetables

Fats: oils, nut oils, flax meal, avocado, etc.

Condiments:(all without sugars and starches, check labels), mustard, spices, vinegar, horseradish, wasabi, etc.