Parenting Therapy

In its simplest form, parenting therapy is help and support for an extremely important job, being a parent. It helps understanding yourself and your child’s emotions, reactions and communication. Children speak a different language then adults. Sometimes you understand your child’s language and sometimes you don’t whether they are infants, children, adolescents or young adults. Parenting therapy can help improve communication and break habits and interactions that do not lead to the most desirable outcomes or feelings for the parent or the child. It can be short term, long term or intermittent.

As a parenting therapist I help to support you and your child with the goal of creating a connection that leads toward both the parent and child meeting their fullest potential. Well-adjusted children support well-adjusted parents while well-adjusted parents support well-adjusted children. Therapy sessions can be a combination of all members or just a single person within a family unit. Whether it is a conflict between parents and children, or parents and parents, family trauma, or dealing with children with developmental, physical, or mental health problems, counseling sessions are designed to help parents and give them the support and resources they need to be the best caregivers possible. Together we will fill a parenting tool box that will function effectively within your family and provide the love and support that you and your children need for a healthy and stable upbringing.

Parenting therapy is a wonderful decision to make, not just for your child but for yourself and the family unit as a whole. In addition to learning about your child you will learn a lot about yourself. Understanding who you are, your triggers and your joys will help you be a better parent, partner, friend, worker, etc. It’s very courageous to ask for help in what can be one of the most important and challenging roles in your life.