Couples Therapy

Are you experiencing growing feelings of resentment or dissatisfaction? Is there a lack of interest in affection or sex or a growing sense of distance? Would you like to renew your relationship and restore it to an even sounder footing? Relationships often start off strong in the beginning but for various reasons relationships may go under some wear and tear effecting your bond with one another. Maybe stress at work, stress from children, financial hardship, unemployment, infertility, infidelity, retirement, or many other reasons. With my insightful understanding and support, you’ll be able to get back in tune with each other and learn to identify destructive or negative patterns of behavior and communication which pushed you apart. In a safe and private environment you will learn new ways of coping and managing your stress and anxiety in the relationship and individually.

Realizing your relationship has more potential is the first step. Seeking out Couples therapy is a positive second step towards renewing the passion and feeling better with and about each other. We will work together not just for solving the immediate problems within your relationship, but enhancing your own self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem.