Children and adolescents

Children and adolescents often begin therapy when struggling with overwhelming feelings or difficult behavior at home or school. Young people are feeling magnets and they will positively respond to my empathic and loving nature making therapy something that is not only helpful, but enjoyable too. I work with the symptoms, but more importantly I get to know your child and understand their struggles. In addition, I will share my observations and insights and support your efforts to respond to your child’s behavior empathically and effectively. I collaborate with pediatricians, teachers, and other important figures in your child’s life.

For older adolescents and young adults, treatment is individualized and may address difficulties in the context of life transitions and important relationships. Adolescents can be more resistant to therapy, however, my style is warm and inviting. I have a lot of success working with young people who have not had successful connections to therapists in the past.

We work together to address issues such as:

• adjustment difficulty

• anxiety

• challenging behavior

• depression

• developmental delays

• expressing and regulating emotions

• family changes

• high sensitivity

• learning differences

• loss and trauma

• routines

• social skills